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  1. I've been daytrading forex for about a year. To me, the spread isn't really a big deal and you get used to it after a while. If you are hesitant to get into trading forex because of a 4-5 pip spread, don't even bother trading it. I've daytraded stocks in the past, but forex is more profitable IMO. The playing field is more level, and it's very hard to manipulate. For the 4 majors (EUR, JPY, USD, CHF), it takes a 10000 lot position to move the market 1 pip, and 10000 lots is about $1 Billion in currency. The return on my money this year has been huge, but it isn't for everyone.
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  2. Thanks for sharing. What is your technique, T/A, Congestion, Trendfollowing, DT'ing? Good trading.
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  5. It is a market maker based in Geneva, Switzerland with a professional team from ex-swiss banks.
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  6. The last thing we need here at ET is your daily analysis from your company.
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