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  1. I'm looking to split the cost of sharing Whisper with a few people. Currently I am paying around $500 a month and am looking for one to two people to split. I am looking to host the software on a server computer and allow people to login to access it.

    I currently have about 6 custom made filters, and aside from that there are 30 pre made filters. If anyone is interested pls let me know via PM.

    There is also the option to make a filter of your own choice, it is a 100 dollar creation fee and 25 dollar hosting fee (all charges are charged by my whisper provider, not me).

  2. no one is interested at all?
  3. Toonces


    I might be interested. Are you sure it's legal to do this?
  4. yes it's legal as far as I know. If anyone else is interested pls send me a PM
  5. anyone interested out there?

  6. That is Highway Robbery.
  7. IGolf


    Why would you pay that much when you can get Trade Ideas for a fraction of the cost and you can run the Odds Maker through TI.
  8. hey if there's a better deal out there i'm completely interested.
    what's odds maker?
    if you can tell me more i'd be interested.
    i used trade ideas before and it really sucked no offense.

    I am not trying to earn money off anyone... i'm trying to cut my own trading costs. if ther's a better deal i would be mroe then happy to switch.

    Keep in mind that my filters are completely customisable so i really like that part.
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    No offense at all. Everyone has their own thing. I am not sure how long ago you were using TI, but the new version has an add on called the Odds Maker. Basically any scan you set up, you can run the odds on it assuming you were using the alert filter combo as entry and time for example as exit. So lets say you were trading breakouts. You set up a simple scan like buying 5 day highs above yesterday's high on twice normal volume. You can instantly run odds on it and see how many stocks were up 5,10 15, 30 any time frame from those triggers. Did it make sense to hold it to the close or only for 5 minutes. Pretty sick I think. Considering that you can try all of that for a month for like 60 bucks since the Odds Maker is free right now I don't know how you could go wrong. Very little risk, that is just my opinion and please take it as such. I know whisper has powerful stuff also but I don't think you can run odds on it.

  10. the thing is i really want to have customisable filters. if anyone knows of a cheap company i would love to hear from you. If not... anyone else want to share?
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