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  1. Hi guys,

    Had a brainstrom, but don't know if it's possible.

    Currently, it is pretty easy to access a computer remotely thru the internet. I don't have XP, but with it, you can (so I hear) access your machine across the net with an XP-integrated feature.

    What would it take to be able to do this for data? Say I'd like to have a Bloomberg machine but don't want to drop $1600+ per month; or more simply, if I wanted to get currency, bond, all futures, and any other quotes that would be **nice** to have but not totally necessary for the kind of trading I do.

    Anyone know if it would be possible to set up a computer as a server with all of these services, and then let several people from all over access the data and transport it to their machines with a setup similar to what I mentioned above with XP.

    It would be pretty nice to have 5 people split the costs, dedicate a computer running the software as a server, and be able to have all 5 access the server remotely.

    Two ways come to mind (and there are more I am sure) - 1)split a Bloomberg, set it up as a server, and use it remotely; 2)split a realtick with subscriptions to all exchanges and broadcast the quotes out in a format that can be interchanged easily between various software platforms in real time.

    Please chime in and maybe we can get somewhere with this, or PM me, whatever....I haven't looked too deeply into file-sharing or server broadcasting software, but a good place to start (if anyone's interested) is the download section of - they have lots of cool stuff you can search through, download, and demo.
  2. most software services require you to have multiple licenses to do that stuff, or they specifically state that it's illegal in their license contracts.

    that doesn't mean I wouldn't do it, but it would certainly put it in perspective.
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    lots of ways you could do that from a technical standpoint.

    Use something like PCAnywhere or Carbon Copy.

    Don't know the status of licensing. Most say for use on one machine, but it would only be one one machine and you'd be using PCAnywhere on the others.

    You'd have a delay in quotes. All told, it moght only be a second or two, but I wouldn't want to trade with that.
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    Bloomberg ... Yes It can be done. To do it legally you pay Bloomberg a lot of money to setup a Bloomberg Gateway which is a bloomberg feed and a set of API's that you can call. You can write custom software to access the API and put up your own UI for any information you want.