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    Has anyone sucsesfully shared a bloomberg terminal? If you haven't done it yourself maybe your "friend" did it and can offer some help. I have been to a lot of prop firms that split it using splitter cables for monitors etc. I am thinking of getting one and split it between few of my remote trader friends to split the cost. Is it as simple as calling the bloomberg rep, ordering the bloomberg anywhere and then using net meeting to allow my friends to view it? They just want to view news. If thats not possible I guess the other way would be to record it and then brodcast it but I would need to synchronize the camera fps with the frequency of the monitor?

  2. When they catch you rebroadcasting or sharing you will need a very expensive lawyer to fight paying for double since the beginning of your contract.

    The only way around this is two guy's sitting next to one terminal, trust me, you don't want to deal with Bloomberg's lawyers, been there.

    ***Is it done, can it be done without getting caught, DUH, but not too smart to advertise it here!
  3. this is funy. do you have other ideas?

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    I live in a shitty 2nd world country. They can sue me all they want. The court system here will be WTF?. Even if they managed judgment against me will be hard to enforce. What better for their bottom line? one paying customer or 4 customers that don't use it and don't pay.. hmm first case revenue +1700 other case revenue 0... I am sure best for their bottom line is LEH and BSC going bankrupt and them loossing millions in the process with broken contracts and unpaid bills.
  5. Dude:

    You asked a question, did not get the answer you wanted to hear, so you decided to have a hissy fit instead, I see this pattern all the time on this site.

    Calm down, go steal Bloomberg service, it does not affect me in any way, no need to raise your blood pressure on a Saturday!

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    huh??? wtf??? seems like its affecting you alot. do you want to talk about it?
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    Actually having two computers might be easier. one outputting to TV the other one catching the TV output and rebrodcasting it. This is of course assuming bloombers monitors IP ports etc for traffic and for broadcasting software in use. My friends brother was a programmer with them I guess I should ask him first as it seems all i get is hissy fits on ET.
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    perhaps you should look at something like vnc, I'll say no more
  9. I had a personal Bloomberg at home for an extended period of time, but I just didn't find it useful. I was making good returns and just didn't need it.

    Unless you are an experienced professional and know the BB is essential to your work (which is very possible), dont' bother with it. And certainly don't jimmy-rig access without paying your way - it's not fair to yourself, or anyone else.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to buy a 42 inch lcd/plasma tv with the bloomberg news streaming for all your traders????
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