Shariah Law in England?

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  1. So I'm listening to late night radio, and I hear that the muslims want Shariah Law in England.
    From what I've read, the muslim population is growing big time there.
    So I did a little more research, and I found that this is nothing new,
    and that England isn't the only country with this problem, Canada's got it too,
    and I'm sure others I don't know about.

    So, lemme see, I move to a foreign country, and I should
    have the laws of the country I left to live by, not the country I moved to?
    WTF is going on here?
    I'm so sick of what's going on with bending over to accommodate foreigners,
    they won't learn the language, and they impose their life styles and customs
    on the countries they move into.
    I go to a store, and I hear so much foreign language, that I wonder what country I live in.
    I go to a doctor's office, and I can barely pronounce his name, and barely understand them.

    Today in America the illegal immigrants are marching to show what a vital part of the American economy they are.
    Line up the cops and arrest and deport the fuckers.

    I'm sick of seeing two sets of signs everywhere I go, one in English and one in spanish (no I won't capitalize it).
    I'm sick of calling and hearing "If you'd like to hear this in English, press one."

    My Grandparents were immigrants, and had to learn the language, and became citizens.
    These assholes now are so arrogant that they act like it's their right to be here,
    illegal or not. They drive like shit, in shit cars....all yackin' on their cell phones...

    They're decimating our schools and health care system.
    Why are health care cost out of control? Those illegal fuckers getting free health care.
    Have you gone to an emergency room lately? Not a word of English, and families go there
    like it's an activity. The effen hospitals are constantly paging interpreters.
    They go for the most bullshit reasons...IT'S AN EMERGENCY ROOM!!!
    You should be near death with your arm being carried in by someone else to go there.

    I could go on and on....

    We need to drop this law where if you have a kid here, they're automatically a citizen,
    that's total bullshit.

    I want my Country back.

    rant over.....
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    I agree with you Arnie.
    It's a serious problem that will require serious action to fix. Unfortunately congress cares about absolutely nothing - but getting re-elected.

    Some of today's headlines:

    Immigration Protests Planned Across U.S. to Spur Congress to Pass Reform Bill.
  3. Is there anyone you know that actually, concretely opposes this?

    Liberals think such diversity a grand idea. It's all some incalculable "strength", to hear them tell it. Well, liberals are gone so far in moonshine that there's little point trying to rationally counter them.

    Neo-cons are no help either, though. Here's what neo-con opinion heavyweight Mark Steyn recently said on the issue:

    Did you get that? That's it: Nothing can be done except to hope the gamble pays off.

    That's almost treasonous.

    How about simply ending immigration?

    Why should our futures be left at the whim of whoever "shows up" on our shores? Don't we get a say in it? Why do we bother having armies and defence forces? Who cares if another country invades us and imposes its culture on us if immigrants are going to achieve the same results anyway? We might as well save those billions of dollars money if the we're going to be irreversibly changed either way.

    The fact is there is only one political position that has been opposed to such treason, to giving away our countries without a fight, and that's the "Old Right", "paleo-conservatives" -- or the "Far Right" as it's disparagingly referred to.

    Essentially, we're just plain conservatives. We're the only ones to stand up to liberal lunacy. We don't apologize for being on the right, the way neo-cons do, which is why our views haven't changed for half a century, while neo-cons have continually caved in to liberal pressure. The venerable William F Buckley once proclaimed that his conversative publication, National Review, stood "athwart history, shouting Stop!" That was once true. Now, as a paleo-con wag noted, National Review stands athwart history shouting Uncle! You won't find paleo-cons trading in principles for intellectual fashions.

    They call us "nativists", "racists" and "antisemites" and other colorful terms. But the one thing they do not do is engage us in rational debate. Do you ever wonder why that is? If we truly are as "irrational" as they claim, they should be able to quickly expose us. You'll search in vain for any rational attempts to refute us, though. Again, why is that?

    If you're concerned about the transformations that your western country is undergoing, you owe to yourself and the people you care about and the country you love to hear the paleo-conservative view on matters.
  4. The politician that starts calling these people what they really are, economic terrorists, will get my vote. Illegal immigrants will bring this country down during the next decade. They are a greater threat than OSB could ever hope to be.
  5. Just how much does their illegality have to do with it, though? Do you seriously think that another 20 million legal Mexicans -- which is what legal immigration will bring, in coming years, make no mistake -- would really be any better? What would be different if they were legal? The fact is that virtually everything that makes mass Hispanic immigration so intolerable today would remain the same if that immigration were to be made legal. Legalizing immigration solves virtually nothing. It's immigration, both legal and illegal, that is the threat.

    This is so obvious that I charge that if one is aware of this but chooses to remain quiet, he is a coward of the very worst kind. Remaining quiet while understanding the damage that immigration is doing is the same as saying "Yes, I realized that immigration was ruining my country, but I remained silent because I was afraid of being called a racist". Sickening cowardice.
  6. Yep, it is awful. We invade a country, are in an enormous minority position, but have superior weapons, and we expect them to play by our rules.

    Terrible when a country gets invaded, isn't it....and the invaders try to tell other people how to live.

    Oh yeah, the purple thumbs wanted democracy our way....and they have instituted a draft to make sure they get it and keep it that way....

    Oh yeah baby, oh yeah....
  7. Uniformity, not diversity...

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    Funny watching those who are the most totalitarian react to another totalitarian group...

  8. You're a moron.
  9. I agree that the 12 million that are here illegally need to go, and greater restrictions need to be put on gaining legal status for those that come in the future. The hand wringers will ask, how do we deport 12 million illegals? One at a fuckin' time, if that's what it takes, and yes, I'll gladly pay more for the lettuce on my BLT when they're gone. And I mow my own f'n yard. Furthermore, the law that allows children of illegals to become automatic citizens needs to be revoked. Line up the cattle cars, toss them in, and off they go. Also need to start gunning them down at the border as they "attack" our country. Yes! I'm serious!
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