Sharia Law Coming To A Country Near You

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  2. I don't understand enough about Sharia Law but if it has been their guiding principals and law of order for 2500+ years whats wrong with it?

    Seems we are the ones with a chip on our shoulder or superiority complex that our truly fucked up legal system is better. Our system is not eye for an eye fair but leans towards he who has the most money wins or stays out of jail.
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    Islam has only existed for about 1400 years, not 2500+.

    Our laws in the U.S. are based upon Christian-Judeo beliefs. They cannot be compared to Sharia law. Here is a brief explanation of Sharia law.
  4. We are really good at this spreading democracy thing aren't we...
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    Democracy brought Hamas into power, what's new?

    Tunisians, in their first free and fair elections for several decades, have probably just voted in Ennahda. Ditto.
  6. And America and Israel refused to recognize Hamas as a legitimate government. Far as I know we had nothing to do with the Tunisian republic and their uprising (though I wouldn't be surprised). My point is when we meddle, like we did in Iraq or we are in Libya, we often wind up with a government that is or will be less friendly than the one we deposed. Libya was basically a secular government (i.e.: western). Sharia, as you are probably aware, is not of the West.

    In the case of Iraq, we have now all but been kicked out and Iran will wield more influence than we will.

    How does this benefit the United States of America?
  7. They already had Sharia law or at least a version of it so no change really.
  8. Wrong. Both Iraq and Libya were basically secular governments before we went in and mucked things up:


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    Care to revise your statement?
  9. now that site has no agenda. As for Christian-Judeo law being the Western norm I fancy that assumption is somewhat flawed when you realize how many modern legal practices are derived from pagan Roman law.
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