Shares Short % of Float Data

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  1. Does anyone know of a free website or data feed that updates more than twice a month? I'm currently using which is only updated twice a month. I'm also using esignal and Anvil. Thanks in advance!
  2. The truly relevant short interest data, namely NYSE specialists, always has been reported with a two week lag. That's by design.
  3. Addendum.

    It is true that short interest is identified prey. "They" are probably the more predictable of any of the players n terms of their actions. At some point, whenever, they HAVE to cover.

    They can be easily induced with an unexpected rally.

    However, a high short interest is not automatic rocket fuel for a squeeze. Just an ingredient.

    Those short, right or wrong, have a motive to make money.

    If you're long, better hope they're not correct in their assessment.

    As for the specialist short interest figure with it's two week lag, analgous with cash on hand on any balance sheet, the short interest figure is only valid for THAT point in time.

    Specialists and market makers short and cover intra-day, in some cases many times, to adjust their inventory posture. Like an elevator operator.

    As for the two week lag, allows them to maneuver in a stealth fashion. By the time it's reported, it's a done deal.

    All in all, you'd be better served to use short interest as a filter rather than a signal.