% shares of shorts for a given stock

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    I am wondering there is a web site which shows % shares of sell shorts opened for a given stock on a given day.

    Like daily stock volume, does equity open interest can be get for a given stock on a given day?

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    Moneyline Telerate offers something like this.

    This is the graphical version
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    and this is the data of yesterday.

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    Thanks GiaMa,

    I couldn't get same chart you posted from www.moneyline.com. Is it paid service? Do you have exactly web site for that?

    A couple of questions.

    From the chart, the Short Interest as % of short out doesn't looks like daily updated becuase the % change always from mid of a month.

    In CSCO case: Short Int: 109,151t
    Short Out: 7,111,865t

    What is t at end of number? Is 109,151 share number of short Opened on that day as 68,400,824 is trading volume on that day?

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  5. http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/intchart/frames/frames.asp?symb=&time=&freq=

    Enter the symbol, click DRAW CHART, then click "detailed quote" up top. Works for NYSE and AMEX stocks.

    Is this what you're after? :)
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    Thanks. I am looking for that daily short interest on NASDAQ.