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    I thought of buying the TradingMarkets Swing Trading College,but it is very expensive,So i thought of gathering a pool of interested people to buy the course..

    Please PM me if anyone is interested , so that we can buy the course..

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    90% of chance is a bunch
    of magical patterns with few well choosen examples showing when they work but not the numerous times they fail
  3. All these courses are bs. all 99% of them are a complete waste of moneyYou can find the same material in books you borrow from the library. I know they all claim to condense 50 years of knowledge into one simple course and all that other crap, but you really believe this crap, then perhaps you're in the wrong biz. Read some books, papertrade then go at it.
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    I picked up a 445 dollar course on ebay for 22 bucks. Wasn't worth it. They are unbelievable.

    :D :D :D :D
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    Thanks a bunch for everyone.

    TM is claiming that their research with RSI has yielded 70 to 90%
    on their systems in their of 10 years data.

    Two of them they have given free are



    Index above 200MA
    2 –period RSI falls 3 days in a row
    First falling day (day #1) RSI must be below the 60 benchmark
    RSI below 10
    Buy at close
    Buy an additional unit when the RSI falls 5 days in a row.
    EXIT at the close when the RSI closes above 75.


    Index below 200 MA
    2-period RSI rises 3 days in a row
    The first rising day ( day #1 ) of the RSI must be above the 40 benchmark
    RSI is above 90
    SELL short at the close
    Sell an additional unit when the 2-perios RSI rises 5 days in a row
    EXIT at the close when RSI closes below 25.


    Buy (SPY ) when 2-period RSI below 2
    Exit RSI above 75.

    they still have some system for stocks...

    As we all know these systems only worked in the past 10 years and there is no guarantee that these will work...but i was interested more in their ideas than the using the course.
    So i don't want to spend too much money...

  6. two words: curve fitting
  7. I think there are some good systems available for free in the Wealthlab site. Of course the past can't guarantee the future, but what else can you depend upon? :)

  8. bkr, you're still aching to spend your hard-earned money, aren't you?

    Keep in mind that part of their hook is the freebies. And with some well-crafted BS, they've got you enamored in a smokescreen dream of "Ideas" that you are somehow going to be able to fashion into a winning trading system.
    That's how the siren song works on the psyche...

    This could be a dangerous assignment, but go back to their website and find out for yourself what type of organization is the umbrella entity of TradingMarkets... The answer should give you the new/renewed idea of staying at home here on ET to read some of the facts presented by successful traders who have been trading for years and who are not interested in selling you a thing. A few of your fellow ET'ers have already attempted to help.

    Good luck.
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    I have been a TM subscriber for TWO years and now i have stopped the Subscription.

    In any case i decided not to buy the course.

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