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Discussion in 'Trading' started by size, Aug 23, 2002.

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    I am looking to share a suite of small private offices, with a few very successful ($350k+) traders, to trade in "remotely" from their prop firm.

    My thinking goes like this: I like to have a place to go to (an office) that feels like work. I feel that this instills discipline and professionalism. I enjoy occasionally seeing and chatting with other successful traders. However, I do not like the noise, distraction and lack of privacy at most prop firms. I'd like a good environment to work in which is conducive to concentrating, working and trading. I feel that an office to trade in with a remote hookup to your prop firm can offer the best of both worlds.

    I know that most firms offer remote trading, so it should not present a problem for anyone wanting to switch from being an on-site trader to remote. Perhaps you may even be able to negotiate a slightly better deal in order to offset the cost of the space. Aside from that, being in a good environment where you can think clearly may very well allow you to trade more profitably.

    If this sounds interesting to anyone in New York City, p.m. me.
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    Are you gonna require a K1/Tax Return - otherwise, how do you tell the bullshiters from the real thing? Also, will you be providing a K1/Tax Return?

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    I would think that anyone who is not earning decent money would want to incur the added expense of the space or be able to negotiate a better deal from their firm to offset it. It sounds like a good idea anyway, and I have no problem with it myself. Although I am new to this site, I have been trading for six years and know the business fairly well.
  4. size,

    what's your'e style? Nasd, Listed, swappers, scalpers, position trading/swing, pairs, opening only, arbitrage?

    asking for persons to identify themselves on this open public forum, especially since previously known monikers are easily replaced with new names, with very few comment counts makes the notion of being honest somewhat disengenuous (if that's how its spelled).

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    It doesn't much matter who they are or what their style as. I am just looking for professional like-minded people to a share a space with. Each trader or pair of traders will have a small private office within which to trade in private.
  6. Have you any thoughts on where int he city you would be interested in? The rent itself would be prrtty expensive I would think...and have you thought about all the other epxenses you have to pay for? T-1, utilitites, water...etc
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    New York City is perhaps one of the worst places to set up as a full time trader. Rent is extremely high, especially if you want something in Manhattan. And thats not even considering the high state and city taxes. New Hampshire would be a great alternative. It has no state income taxes!
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    NYC is a great place to live. Many of the best traders live here. Yes, it is very expensive, and taxes are high, but if you live here you do so because you love it. It's also a great place to be young and single. :D