Share movies, go to prison

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Madison, Nov 13, 2003.

  1. good to see that despite the geopolitical distractions, the honourable members of the Senate are working hard on what really matters:
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    Lets put aside it is the law. Should we really be protecting copyrights for more than a year or two for artistic endeavors?

    What about the fact that this is just a bunch of 0 and 1s. Whey should they get any protection at all. Did painters get paid by all the people who viewed their paintings?

    Just food for thought. I have usually argued for the copyrights holders but just wondering what other people thought.

    Should exchanges get to charge for data that customers help make. Should I get paid to make that data point instead of paying commissions?
  3. the fat cats in hollywood want more and more and more. and "actors" want more and more and more. yea so you get more mr. actor, more millions, what will you do with them? get yourself in rehab?
  4. I think you make some excellent points. They would want to put you in jail for looking at paintings over the internet. And Iagree about the exchange data. What did they do to create that?
  5. You're so right. I can understnad Diane Feinstein supporting this. Hollywood is her constituents, but what prompts the Republicans to support one of the industries that is most vocal in attacking them and backing those attacks with a lot of money? I think it is pretty clear that someone needs to replace Orin Hatch. He can't get judges confirmed as Chairman of Judiciary, but he's got time to sponsor stuff like this and join with Ted Kennedy on a hate crimes bill. He is a great argument for term limits.
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    So basically if someone puts a movie file on your computer without your knowledge, you are now liable to several years in jail, even if you never watched it or knew it was there?

    America, land of the free!