Share insights on how to sleep well...

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  1. Sleeping well and being alert is a big part of trading... i think it might be useful if we at ET, as a community, share our insights on how to get a good night sleep.

    I am a bit of an insomniac myself, so I take melatonin and try not to eat anything too late... and theres something very helpful about playing music so quietly that I have to really try hard to listen to it... it keeps thoughts out of my mind until I fall asleep, but wont wake me up...

    What is your routine?
  2. 420 and the daily exercise seem to do the trick quite nicely here.
  3. 25 mg Benadryl. I have a rough time falling asleep but once I'm out I'm good. The Benadryl does the trick.
  4. morreo


    I close my eyes.

    Very rarely am I kept up by trading and that's only because i'm anxious to trade the next day, no matter the loss incurred before or the risk put on.
  5. Going to bed at the same time every night. After awhile, you'll just naturally get tired around the time you're going to bed anyway. Your internal clock, once set, works well.
  6. During the day time, I often doze off in front of the screen, bored.
    During the night, I sometimes wake up after making bad trades in the dreams.
    Recently, I wake up more frequently after trades went wrong in the dreams.

    I wonder if I overtraded in my dreams? :confused:

    I haven't found any books warning against over-trading in the dreams.
  7. like NYOB said, 420, exercise

    don't eat 2 hours before going to bed
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    Get up early. Live well. Be productive.

  9. sorry for dumb question. What is 420?

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    Like most old wives tales this one has lots of truth.

    Drink a large cup of WARM milk before bed.

    I recommend Goats milk over cow.

    If you don't like milk try a large cup of yogurt.

    nightie night :)
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