Share colocation costs to IB

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qtmspin, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. qtmspin


    I'm looking for a few other traders to share low-lantency colocation costs to IB.

    I've found a few companies that can offer < 1ms times to IB. They will provide a 10MB connection and server space as well. I'm not looking to make any profit on the connections, just reduce the costs.

    E-mail me if your interested in low latency (<1 millisecond) algo space to IB.

  2. rosy2


    why would anyone do this? look at your commsions.
  3. mikspeed


    Hi, I would be interested in that. I tried to email you but I could not do it when clicking on your username anyway, if you know how to email me as a member, please do so and we can take it from there.

    If you have are not interested in progressing, could you give me the name of the hosters colocators?

  4. which companies offer colocation to IB ?
  5. qtmspin


    There are a few that offer highspeed connections, all in all it's going to cost a few grand a month and be a year commitment. If you still interested let me know.
  6. mikspeed


    yes, I would be interested. Can you send me a personal message?