Share Bloomberg Terminal Fees

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  1. Anyone ready to share fees for Bloomberg terminal ?

    We will colocate it.. So we all can access simualtenously.. Meaning one username/pass will be provided, so i put it in , And leave it 24/7 open..

    And then we create like 15 Username/Pass to access the colocated server, who have shared the money for the terminal.

    And we all can access simulatenously..

    Main purpose is for Quick Economic News.. as the terminal gives 3-4 seconds before its shown on the TV and elsewhere.

    So Anyone??

    please PM me..

    Atleast looking 15-20 People. would be great.. And then we all can share views, ideas..

    Its like team work, getting simualtenous access to TERMINAL, just for viewing economic news and such....
  2. I'm definitely interested, let me know how to go about it.
  3. Daal


    make sure you give the password to the guys at, they just took 5 minutes to report what was making BAC move
  4. So you propose giving mouse-control to 15 guys via VPN?
  5. would that be "theft of services" . You know, like the trailer park folk do..... run wires and boxes all over the place.:D
  6. Guys, we will all share the fees.
    And on one machina Colocated the Bloomberg terminal be installed.
    I assume they have WEB terminal as well.
    it will 24/7 ON..
    The main purpose is for Economic Data to recieve quickly..

    So main Screen will be on.. we all can access the Server immidiately.. And as we login to server.. In front of our eyes will be Bloomberg terminal already on.

    I will create a private chat room.. for people who shared.. so we all can chit chat, share ideas, views, and if someone wants to show something in the terminal, he will post in the chat, and then we all can see what he is showing.. And when data is about to come, Again back to Main Screen.. waiting for data..

    Please PM, if interested, already got 6 people....
  7. What's the point of colo? You're assuming there is a benefit to colocating near Bloomberg's central servers? What about the latency associated with the VPN?
  8. This will be look in to..
    The terminal will be placed in Fast terminal Colocated server.. So asap the data comes immidiately its shown in terminal..
    And we from our home easily access it, Simulatenously.. No one plays around with terminal.. Just main Page, with data showing..
    And then in chat room.. if someone wants to show, he can msg, and then can show.. say about USD$ index, and tells i think this and that.. or anything.. so we all learn and share views.

    And when Economic data is about to come.. immidiately back to main page.. No touching... We all see data.. trade.. and back to normal...
  9. Main Purpose is for Economic Data.. we all want quickly.. and in terminal its shown 3-5 seconds before.. its shown in TV and DowJones or else where.
    And 3-5 seconds is way important.. say bearish data comes for DOllar.. immidiately take action in this 3 seconds.. and wolla asap EUR/USD moves up.. u in money.. sell in top.. relax...

  10. You do know you have to sign a two year contract with them that you cannot terminate early? So if the other members back out early you are on the hook for paying the whole monthly fee yourself for the next two years. Also make sure they don't find out that you are sharing this over the internet with others, it is a breach of their contract and they will stop providing you the service and probably keep charging you for it for the next two years.
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