Share a keyboard and mouse without sharing the monitor

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  1. I'd like to share keyboard and mouse (but not the monitor) between two computers. I prefer a USB KVM because it will draw power from the USB connection. I have done some search on the web. It seems all KVMs are designed to share not only keyboards and mice, but also monitors between two or more computers. I do need seperate monitors because I want to be able to see both screen at the same time.

    The closest product I found is this one:

    I downloaded its datasheet and Manual, but none of them describes how to share a keyboard and mouse without sharing the monitor.

    What are my options? I would appreciate hearing from someone having direct experience with KVMs. Thanks in advance!
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    This is really simple. You can use any KVM (keyboard, video mouse) switch would work.

    Just don't hook up the video!!!
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    Exactly. OP, is there some reason why this won't work for you?
  4. The product picture and manual of the Trendnet USB KVM show only one cable between the KVM and each computer. I guess keyboard, mouse and video signals must all travel through the same connection. This makes me wonder if I can just share the keyboard and mouse with sharing video.
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    Its one "cable bundle" that is made up of the two separate cables.

    The monitor and USB cables are compeltely separate, they are not sharing the same wires (that would be a very expensive implementation)

    The device couldnt care less if you dont use the monitor portion, at least that is the case for the brands that I have used in the past (and I have used a KVM exactly as you are describing)
  6. For those that have used the above KVM product how do you like it?

    I ask because I just got a 2nd computer for trading and redundancy and I am having to re-learn my movements as I sweep from 1 monitor to the 2nd and most importantly the 2nd mouse.
  7. Good to know they will work. Thanks.
  8. As a follow up there any delay when you hit the KVM switch to move from Computer 1 to 2. If it's just 1 second, then no problem. I would just hate to have the thing "hang up" when I going to the DOM, if you know what I mean.
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    The only delay I ever experience is when I use two computers with difference resolutions and my LCD monitor has to auto-adjust between the two. In situations where you arent using one monitor for both this wouldnt be an issue. There is no delay otherwise, you hit whatever hotkey the KVM uses (one unit requires you to hit ctrl twice, the other uses scroll-lock twice) and its switched instantly.
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