Shaquille O'Neal: "I was a daytrader"

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    So I went to a local restaurant today at lunch to grab a sandwich at their bar and do some work on my laptop, and while I'm sitting there waiting, Shaq comes in with his girl and sits beside me. We were the only ones at the bar at the time, so we chit chatted about random stuff like where he wanted to live now that's he's hanging up basketball.

    After a while, I went to the bathroom and when I came back to the bar, Shaq said "Ok, we've got a bet going to guess what you do for a living." I think you're in real estate and she thinks you're in the fashion business. They are both staring holes in me for the answer because each of them is CONVINCED they have guessed it right. I'm assuming he guessed real estate because I was working on a laptop, and she guessed fashion because I was sporting some crazy looking Addidas shell tops, jeans, and a monster truck shirt.

    Trying to dumb it down a bit, I said, "I'm in the web site business."

    "Oh, you build web sites?"

    "No, I started a community site 14 years ago that has become pretty popular".

    "Really, which one? Google?"

    I'm like, "No, not Google." I'm thinking to myself, "Geez, whatever I tell him at this point is going to be a letdown, but whatever..."

    "It's a site for daytraders".

    Then Shaq says, "Cool. I was daytrader once... for like 5 minutes. It didn't work out too good."

    So I said, "Hey, don't worry about it Shaq. I think it's safe to say you ended up making the right career choice." :D

    He agreed :)
  2. Good story, what bar????

    "for like 5 minutes!!" lol, good stuff. :p
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    Baron, you don't live in Isleworth do you?
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    J Alexander's
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    OK, Shaq lives there along with half the NBA and Tiger. You must live pretty close to there.
  7. Maybe Tampa area
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    Baron lives in the Orlando area.
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  10. Baron lives in Jupiter. He has a house right next to Burt Reynolds.
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