Shaq-- A Fat F*cking Racist

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    You admit that you never watch the NBA, so you don't know if Shaq has a valid argument about the quality of MVP's over the past five years. You just wanted to accuse him of being racist because Steve Nash is white, and he won the MVP two of the past five years? Even though the other MVP awards during the time in question went to black guys...

    That makes no sense at all. I think there is only one racist on this thread, and it is you.
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  2. Thanks for making my point even more clearly.....


    White people are branded racists for even mentioning that blacks might be racist....but blacks can say ANYTHING they want because they know they can get away with it.

    Case closed.
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    You are REALLY ignorant. Case closed.
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  4. I love ad hominem. It's always a sign that the other person has been beaten and can't fathom a logical response.
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  5. What's great is that Chris Rock said all that needs to be said.. He mentions "There aren't any wealthy black people.. Sure there are rich black people, but as soon as we get money we start buying tvs for automobiles and rims for lawn mowers and just spend it on stupid shit.. You see, Shaq is rich, the white man who signs his check is wealthy"

    I'm just going to leave it at that..
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  6. Oh man, I totally disagree with you on this.

    Put any other point guard on the Suns, including J. Kidd and Iverson (not sure why you mentioned him in the first place) and the team does worse.

    Put Nash on any team and that team is better. Why? Because he's a TRUE point guard with a pass-first mentality and he does it better than anyone else does, including Kidd. The fact that he's a terrific shooter also helps.

    Dirk is a legitimate candidate, as is Kobe, but to say that Nash was voted MVP twice because of "subtle racism" is hogwash IMO.
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  7. back to the article.

    how is shaq being racist? he never calls out anyone's race. to me, it sounds like he is pissed that he (or wade) wasnt picked the MVP the past few years.

    it sounds like the original poster just wants to whine about black people not being accused of being racists.
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  8. Excellent post.

    Put Steve Nash on the Golden State Warriors and they'd instantly be a 3-4 seed.. Have you guys watched them? My goodness they are fun to watch. They don't win a lot but they play a more uptempo style than the Suns.

    Steve Nash is the MVP for damn good reasons. i'd love to see Nash on the Magic.. :) With Nash, Howard would average 26pts/game..
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  9. I think Howard might average even more than that!

    That kid is going to really be something, it's scary. Amare was the prototype and now Howard is going to take it to a new level. Those two are going to have some amazing battles in the years to come.

    Just imagine how good the Mavericks would be if they still had Nash! Or if the Spurs had him!
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