Shaq-- A Fat F*cking Racist

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    Hmmmm, the NBA is overwhelmingly black, and big black Shaq singles out two white players and totally rips them for no reason. If that was the other way around, the white guy would be on every freaking t.v. broadcast and would be labelled a racist.

    For the few of you morons who still give your hard earned money away to those white hating thugs in the NBA....I hope you finally open your eyes.

    (Cue El Cubano :p ) ......
  2. Longhorns,

    I'm white and I'm telling you

    "White men can't jump."

  3. LOL, I'm considered one of the biggest racists on ET yet I'm going to defend Shaq. Nash's second MVP award was clearly a product of subtle racism.

    Nash is no better than a handful of point guards in the NBA, Iverson included. He pales to the superstar "swing men" who litter the league.

    The Sun's won eight fewer games last year than 04-05 with the loss of Stoudemire to injuries. Nash hardly stepped up to the plate, eh?

    Nowitzki or Kobe should have been MVP. IMO even Richard Hamilton is more valuable to his team.

    Nash compels voters because of his flashy yet gritty (white) style. He ain't the best though.....
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    How do you figger what Shaq said was racist? He said the award was "tainted the last four or five years".

    From the MSNBC story: Steve "Nash won the past two MVPs. Before that, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett won for the 2003-04 season, and San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan won back-to-back MVPs before that."


    Shaq is one of the most decent athletes around today, in ANY sport.
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    Unless I read it wrong, I don't see him saying anything negative about Dirk. And I agree with him about Nash.

    Why is that racist? It seems he is making a comment about someone's (Nash's) ability as a player...can he not do that because the guy is white?
  6. Hi Pabst.

    I NEVER watch the NBA so I don't know (or care) who is good or bad. The point of my rant was the ridiculous double standard that exists. If a white player made remarks about two black players, he would immediately be branded a racist, have to publicly apologize, and then seek counseling to "better understand the plight of black people".

    P.S.-- The NBA sucks. I hope that league folds into oblivion. :D
  7. I watch it little Longhorn. Since I live in two cities with fun, competitive teams I can't help but tune in after football season ends but i find dismal entertainment value in the product. Too many teams, too many games, too much scoring, too much hip-hop, not my kind of sport. Particularly at the Pro level.

    Shaq's a cool guy though. He's got an NFL mentality in a sport filled with coddled pussies....
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    welcome to Planet Earth.... :p
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    I agree
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    They do tend to "pass the award around". Witness the Jordan years and Shaq in his prime, when they were clearly not only the best and most valuable, but didn't receive the award in all the years they dominated.

    Steve Nash was not one of those times. He deserved it.
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