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  1. mauzj


    Any idea what this course entails?

    I'm almost tempted, except the chances are that everything they teach could be written on half a side of A4.

    Anyway, I already know the basics and can pull up all the Euribor spreads on my trading machine tomorrow morning. the problem is that I don't really know what this sort of spread trading involves.

    If anyone could give me any tips to spark off some ideas I'd be very greatful.

    This two-week course specialises in the theory and practice of trading butterfly, condor and box strategies in the STIR (Short Term Interest Rate) markets for profit.


    Training is undertaken within a ‘professional’ team with full supervision and tuition. Participants will attend daily training sessions and have the chance to put theory to practice each day by trading the market through ‘live simulators’ under the guidance of existing traders.
    The all-inclusive price for the two-week course, including desk, pc, trading software and tuition is £995

    All candidates will receive a completion certificate and the highest performing trainees will be offered a place within the team with Shaolin arranging £2000 towards each new trader’s costs.

    The two courses are scheduled for:

    1. November 2006 14th – 25th (10 places)
    2. December 2006 5th – 16th (10 places)
    To apply for this course, or to come and visit our offices:
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    "the problem is that I don't really know what this sort of spread trading involves. "

    What do u mean by that?
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    i think he means he doesnt know!!

  4. Have you asked them?

    Seriously, if they want a grand they should be able to give you at least a list of bulletpoints saying what they'll cover.