Shaolin Futures

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Dominatrix, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Yet another example of the (high calibre) (ironic by the way) London prop shops.
    Run by fools who use to work on the LIFFE floor and idiots who dont know how to make money trading electronically (their inital success electronically more down to an undeveloped market) kind of like monkeys at the end of the universe typing Shakespeare.

    I guess every market needs its chumps, keep trading and adding liquidity you rabbits!!:p
  2. I'm curious: Apart from bad-talking them, do you have any substance? You should at least try to explain what your problem is with that company.
  3. davinci


    Agreed, is that what ET has come to people bad mouthing firms with nothing substantial to back it up?
  4. mpoufos


    Ok this one goes for the guy above that started this thread about shaolin futures. I have been working for them 2months now and honestly I havent seen more sincere and friendly guys. As for their system is A-OK, for all those out there that post without proofs. Moreover the team its more than helpful since the initiation of the training programme. It's a company that takes in winners and does its best to teach consistency and discipline. i trust them , the rest of the team trusts them.