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    The Shanghai stock market has been closed for a better part of the week.
    Since the Shanghai market has been closed, markets around the globe have rallied to new fresh record highs. I think since Shanghai was closed for nearly most of this rally it should bounce 150-200+ points on Sunday night to 4000+++ anyone think this is possible.

    :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  2. Why was it closed again? Some chinese holiday?
  3. It will probably meltdown from the buy orders. What they should do in China is have a credit card swipe machine that people can put in their homes and just use their credit cards to buy stocks at a home terminal...better yet, each hood will have a guy that does it, that'll keep those commies working! :p
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    haha, probably will, there will be such an order imbalance. I think it could easily open up above 4000 without a problem.
  5. That may be a blowout top then! :)
  6. Perhaps but in my opinion the hiccup that so many expect, will come from the East (either currency of indice driven) ....looks to me that the US has siezed the opportunity that the japanese & chinese markets have been closed totally (or partially wrt Japan) all week long.

    So maybe a bit of fever on sunday night, but doubts should set in through the week.
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    Golden week holiday.