Shanghai up yet again.....50% in 3 months!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Oct 15, 2007.

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    new highs every single day.

    4000 to 6000+ in the last 3 months.


    SSE Composite Index (Shanghai:000001.SS) Edit
    Index Value: 6,085.17
    Trade Time: 10:23PM ET
    Change: Up 55.08 (0.91%)
    Prev Close: 6,030.086
    Open: 6,056.946
    Day's Range: 6049.35 - 6124.04
    52wk Range: 1,753.49 - 5,959.36
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    its heading to 7-8k were i will be throwing a 7 figures short on the adr's. ptr has a incredible $430 bil cap
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  6. stocks can be more overvalued then you can remain solvent :)
  7. 3 months is a slow grind compared to the Hang Seng. It's up 50% in under 2 months.
  8. China is going through some sort of hyperinflation.
  9. HSI (having, of course, made new highs, nearly reaching 30k) just dropped over 750 points in 30 minutes.
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    Do you actually think this can continue, where markets will defy gravity, where risk will be nonexistent.

    Think again..... right now it seems the global market can do no wrong, but time, I think is limited, and when the fall does start it will be quite massive.
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