Shanghai Up 9 Days In A Row!!!!!! 9%

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    UP 267 points or just over 9%%%

    I would say get ready for a drop that will wipe out 267 point in 9 days in probably just a day or 2.

    This will shake the markets up once again.


    UP 24.452 to 3197.54

    28-Mar-07 3,140.68 3,180.33 3,052.08 3,173.02 4,294,967,200 3,173.02
    27-Mar-07 3,126.02 3,145.04 3,103.78 3,138.83 4,294,967,200 3,138.83
    26-Mar-07 3,083.94 3,123.18 3,069.47 3,122.81 4,294,967,200 3,122.81
    23-Mar-07 3,071.81 3,085.32 3,008.15 3,074.29 4,294,967,200 3,074.29
    22-Mar-07 3,080.60 3,099.82 3,059.38 3,071.23 4,294,967,200 3,071.23
    21-Mar-07 3,042.10 3,057.71 3,020.95 3,057.38 4,294,967,200 3,057.38
    20-Mar-07 3,024.78 3,033.02 2,998.80 3,032.20 4,294,967,200 3,032.20
    19-Mar-07 2,864.26 3,038.00 2,852.86 3,014.44 4,294,967,200 3,014.44
    16-Mar-07 2,964.09 2,979.71 2,899.03 2,930.48 4,294,967,200 2,930.48
  2. blast19


    Every night I check in to see and have been noticing that no matter what reality is, it goes up. It's amazing.
  3. Here's the thing about most equity markets - people are unhappy with treasuries and fixed income because central banks (with a few exceptions) aren't raising rates.

    Hence, the chase of performance, with accompanying risks in tow, continues.
  4. blast19


    Too bad that these artificial gains are like air seeping into a bloated corpse and giving the representation that life is going swimmingly.

    A perfect balance of money-printing and paper-gains makes even the most ardent bear turn a corner and cheer "Ben Ben Ben!"
  5. If all those traders pull out again like on the 27th its gonna suck
  6. dhpar


    2 words describe it all: ASSET INFLATION - wherever you look.
    That's one reason why idea that house prices are going to tank does not hold up.
    In the long term just imagine what happens with all that money when price of Asia's labor starts to go up....
  7. Land of unparalled promise just like Silicon Valley in late 90s. :D
  8. blast19


    Who said house prices are going to deflate? I just think no one will buy them. :p People can't afford them so they'll bail and the banks can have them.

    And FYI, foreclosures, yes that does equate to prices tanking, are edging up and some lenders see them likely to match records.

    But I'm sure you're right....I mean, "ASSET INFLATION," just like you's so easy to see....:eek:
  9. Learner


    It is another live proof of China's feature----The population effect!
  10. blast19


    I'd call it proof of their "disposition to risk" to be nice and "fucking gambling insanity" to be honest. :D
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