Shanghai quietly moving higher!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by S2007S, Jul 23, 2007.

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    Back over 4000 and ready to close in on record highs once again. I think tonight its quite possible to see the Shanghai break 4400. Like I said about a month ago, the bigger the drop the higher it will go....

    SSE Composite Index (Shanghai:000001.SS) Edit
    Index Value: 4,213.361
    Trade Time: 3:00AM ET
    Change: Up 154.508 (3.81%)
    Prev Close: 4,058.853
    Open: 4,091.242
    Day's Range: 4,091.242 - 4,220.322
    52wk Range: 1,634.03 - 4,335.96
  2. Only makes the down side worse
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  4. What happened to the interest rate selloff that was suposto happen? I guess there was no selloff. :confused:
  5. stocks... anyone anyone? what do you like about shanghai? where can I find info on these in my language? scanners?

    interested speculator in foreign markets. which banks that offer DA would take on dvp accounts and deliver stock?