Shanghai nearing record highs....

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    The exchange that started the sell off is now nearing new highs once again. This week could bring new highs above 3100 if the markets across Asia continue to rally.

    SSEC Shanghai Composite 3,003.98 Mar 18 Up 73.50 (2.51%)
  2. Bowgett


    These chinese are smarter then I thought. :cool:
  3. All Asian markets are in green territory. Looks good !
  4. Remember the 8% selloff hype? People thought it was over..its was just a blip..

    The SSEC will easily go to 4000 cause it wants to
  5. Oh boy, are you for real?

    In someway you are right, it will go up fast, but it can come down just as fast, if not any faster..
  6. I expect to see Shanghai Index reach 5000 before Beijing Olympics. Seriously :D
  7. I expect to see Shanghai Index reach 5000 before Beijing Olympics. Seriously

    absolutely not

    at the middle of April ,SSEC will provide shanghai index futures

    then the index will drop down
  8. Interesting robin.

    My own expectation is that the indexes will go up and down ... and those with trading skills will be happy about it.
  9. hi, Robin

    Since you mentioned the coming shanghai index futures, could you please provide some details of it?

    1) How many RMB for one point?
    2)What's the margin requirement?
    3) Is it T+1 ,or I can do day trading?
    4)The tick size?
    5)Daily fluctuation limit?
    6) Is it easy to do online trading? (suppose I can open an account in mainland)
    7) Anything else you think worth mentioning?

    Thanks! I believe it will be a very hot thing. :D
  10. thats whats incredible. too begin with 3 weeks ago china didn't even correct as much as it did at the beginning of year and people went wild and here it is at all time highs.
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