Shanghai market up 25% in 1 month!!

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    and yet another impressive closing.

    AT this rate 10k should be here by end of 2007....

    SSE Composite Index (Shanghai:000001.SS) Delayed quote data

    Index Value: 2,675.47
    Trade Time: 2:00AM ET
    Change: 107.88 (4.20%)
    Prev Close: 2,567.594
    Open: 2,585.417
    Day's Range: 2585.42 - 2698.90
    52wk Range: 1,202.59 - 2,611.79
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    SSEC Shanghai Composite 2,758.44 8:45PM ET 82.96 (3.10%)

    up again at new highs. This market adds on points like the nasdaq back in 1999.
  4. How can I trade this market? I only know how to do equities.
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    Symbols: EWS + FXI
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    Isn't EWS for Singapore not Shanghai?
  7. EWS looks like Singapore allright. Volume is not bad...What else is there?? Even European ticker would be nice to know.

  8. When it begins to top out they'll give you more access to it. Then you can hold on the way down.


  9. :D :D :D
  10. Who is a good broker for trading the Shanghai market in the United States? Do they have emini trading?
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