Shanghai market ON FIRE

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  1. 50 etf index the equivalent of the sp500.

    Last week:


    Overall since 2005, looks like just getting started.


    waiting for a pullback, but it's not coming....
  2. This is the place to be for the next 1-2 years - the china(shanghai) stock market.

    MAJOR cash is flowing in as the government closes down real estate speculation. Wire transfer into the local brokers now take twice as long because they have such a backlog of fund transfers.

    US stock market is too uncertain, real estate remains hopeless. China real estate is no longer investment worthy. China stock market is the place to be...
  3. I think the EM's drag the US higher. I was watching the FXI last month meander around last Nov.'s high but then whammo, it broke through this month. This week is probably gap filling before the holiday "buy anything, it will go up" effect kicks in.
  4. Visaria


    How can I participate? What is the symbol and name of the ETF?

  5. the guy above you already mentioned - fxi. but i dunno how accurate it tracks the shanghai stock exchange. I use a local citic account so it let me buy individual stocks. Another advantage is the account balance is in yuan not dollar.

    not sure what the policy is nowdays about foreigners setup a local account, probably not.
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