Shanghai has to fall tonight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, May 29, 2007.

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    If shanghai is not down at least 20 points tonight, i'm declaring it the greatest market ever.

    "May 30 (Bloomberg) -- China tripled the tax on securities effective today after measures to curb speculation and raise interest rates this month failed to cool Asia's most-expensive stock market. "

    Its funny that a market that we can't even access gets all the attention. Reminds me a little 0f the Dot Com IPOS where insiders couldn't sell and reflected not a true market. But the high valuations caused buying in other tech stocks because of relative valuations ect. If JNPR was $300, then have to bid up CSCO more ect.

    Shanghai is similar in that as this closed market goes up and up it makes valuations of other global markets look cheap. How can investors sell the s&p when they see the symbolic market for the world growth engine going up ever day.
  2. Shanghai has to fall tonight

    Sounds like something by The Clash.....
  3. Or some crappy hipster band that sells their shirts at Target and The Gap! :D
  4. Isn't it also possible that people rush out to buy more stock before they raise the rate again? Would it really surprise you? :D
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    Shanghai down 5%.
  6. Why? Is Nick Leeson selling puts?
  7. Stamp tax raised from 1% to 3%
  8. Oh, shyyyyyyyyttttte!!!!

    It's down to where it was......5 days ago.
  9. where can i get a live shanghai quote? all i have found are the shit delayed.
  10. It's rebounding strongly. I suspect it's not top yet.
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