Shanghai , Hang Seng stock exchange

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  1. Any traders on this board actively trade these markets? I understand that Chinese regulators recently allowed short-selling on the Shanghai exchange. Curious to know how large the universe of symbols are in the Chinese mkt. Are symbols listed in English alphabet or Chinese characters? What brokers
    facilitate accounts for US citizens etc.
    With the ominous decline of the US mkt and the specter of more onerous Gov. regulations I believe Shanghai will eclipse New York in the comming years-IF China plays its cards right. It cannot hurt to become more educated about this emerging colossus.
  2. They use numbers. e.g. 0001, 0002, etc.. to represent each stock traded at the exchange.

    I think very unlikely. It is like saying a baby will take over a 60-year old man to be the leader. The Shanghai Stock Market has only a few years of history since inception. In time (decades), maybe.

    And note that the Chinese economy is higher affected by the US economy. It cann't stand on its own.
    - USA is the largest trading partner China has. US consumption slow down, Chinese production cannot grow. China has overbuilt many buildings in Beijing based on rosey projections. Many construction projects came to a halt. Now we might need to "wait and see what happens".
    - The good China sold to USA... they bought US treasures. Chinese Yuan and USD are pegged. If USD goes weak, Yuan will go weak unless they break the peg.
    - Like many other countries, China bought a lot of the sour CDO products too.
    - China has a lot to learn about how to deal with capitalistic systems under communism. They are living and learning. The Chinese government is known to have come up with stupid regulations on its stock markets of its own too.
    - China has plans to introduce their automobiles to the US market (in 2010 I believe - originally). Now with the dead auto market in USA, it might affect their plan.
    - The fast food stuff and Walmart/Johnson&Johnson/Coca-Cola kind of stuff will do well in China. Other than those, I am not optimistic.