Shanghai gone wild!

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Is Shangha going to crap itself tonight?

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  1. Nope, new records being broken tonight!

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  2. It'll stay flat or trade mostly sideways!

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  3. The Chinese will sell sell sell instead of buy buy buy!

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  1. Anyone think that Shanghai will be setting a new record tonight? Me thinks not, I think they'll take the lead regarding retail in the US and shit themselves...even though they're more independent from us now, I still think we can drag them down and after last night's buying spree the Chinese went on, it's quite possible to see an opposite and equal reaction to the downside tonight.

    I know it's getting to be very pase, but here's the poll, just vote! :D
  2. S2007S


    Right now the N225 will open up down about .5-1% lower without any questions, as for the Shanghai I think it opens higher. As for where it closes is anyones guess.

    Will wait also wait to see where the DOW closes today. Its been weak all day, down nearly 150 at one point.
  3. The market is teasing making a charge to go seems like tomorrow's sentiment will be more important than today's! :D