Shanghai Composite Down 34%; Brazilian Real Falls Against USD

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  1. Omen of collapse of commodity bubble? No? Yes?


    Collapse of the BRIC Trade
    Paul Kedrosky
    March 31, 2008

    With the Brazilian real having its first monthly decline against the U.S. dollar since November, and BRIC (Brazil/Russia/India/China) markets all having a bad run -- the Shanghai Composite is off 34% this year -- I thought it timely to take a look at how the BRIC trade has been doing. Assuming you were long an equal-weighted portolio of the BRICs, and short the U.S. markets, here is how the two sides of the trade have done since 1/1/2006.


    It is, to use the technical terms, doing horribly. The bottom fell out of the trade in early February, with the spread between the two indices converging, and now the BRIC countries' market performance have passed the U.S. on their way lower. Commodity currency countries are not a fun place to be right now.
  2. Been realing in my USD shorts since March 18..