Shanghai Composite down 1,7 % and Hangseng unchanged...

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    You should be short both the chinks, Shanghai and the Hang Seng ..

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  2. dtan1e


    hangseng market cap is smaller, easier to support if you are trying to prop up markets
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  8. I remember reading somewhere that the op is into trading asian markets.

    You might want to check out the Korean market index ...

    its incredibly close to a shorty ... just look at that nice little ending diagonal triangle; its small, can be hard to see, but if it pops the breakdown will be like a rocket.

    All the LT mas are bunching up = volatility move coming up.

    Once below the 200 ma the short will run for a year at least.

    On a diff note, the Nikkei is a continuing shorty .... I called the mother here ........

    On April 15
    Nipponese Nikkei daily chart
    currently at 38.2% retracement
    EDT i.e. Ending diagonal Triangle with throw-over says it all.
    I still have a 11,491 target that has not yet been hit. We are in the 5th of 5 so at or near the top.
  9. Nikkei - 2.1 %. USDD/JPY 85.39.

    Shanghai down -0.8 %. Hangseng unchanged.
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