Shanghai Composite +1,90 % - strong buy

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  1. Top is in. Thanks for the sell signal :p
  2. Please elaborate.

    Where on that site do I find what you have just told us?

    I just got the main page.
  3. luisHK


    Yes, please do. Shangai composite has missed much of the rally since 2009 and HKSE, where I'd like to put more money mostly for Buy and Hold has been quite grim for a few months. It would probably benefit from SSE picking it up.
  4. Don't know whom the query is addressed to but if to me, hey I didn't even look at the link provided by the op. Just that a rally is called and I agree with the strong likelihood of such

  5. STOP is 1% under the June 20 low. LONG is underway. I am expecting a Wave 3 northbound move so taking a risk with said STOP is well worth the loss because if wrong, I can re-position and hit it again and recover the loss in 45 seconds flat once wave 3 gets going for real.

    If there is a drop to retest the low I have a backup, high octane plan - if the low holds firm that will confirm wave 3 is underway so I would hit it again for a much bigger LONG.

    If wrong I'll take my loss and have a drink and try a re-entry when drunk - it might work better.


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  6. Errr....are you Chinese, or how do you trade SHCOMP from your broker account?

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