shanghai below 3k, hang seng below 20k...

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  1. asia just broke some serious psychological barriers..

    dow almost right at 10k..

    if we dont see another cycle of QE these levels may not be seen for a while.
  2. Short Petrochina?
  3. Indian people are perpetually bullish on the Indian market.
    Chinese people are perpetually bullish on the Chinese market. :cool:
  4. not all chinese people are bullish china...just 99%
  5. 99% of "a billion plus" is a lot of people. :D
  6. Chinese market goes on cycles, just like any other markets. Shanghai is still young. Historically... Hang Seng.

    If you go to Hong Kong, and see that "Shark fin mixed with rice" on the menu, and that you see a lot of house wives hanging around the banks, looking at the computer monitors or the jumbotrons on today's stock prices, and talk about which stock to buy instead of talking about what to cook for dinner... the top is near. (Like the shoeshine boy story.)

    When most go busted and go back to their routines in life... the cycle starts again.
  7. Com'on. I know you are probably joking.

    I see a lot of people when they think investing in China, there is always "a billion plus" people market. Like... "a billion plus" people will buy a car at some point. Yeah, right.

    Like saying in the USA 300+ million people will buy stocks.
  8. 1) Was it that obvious?
    2) Obama is developing a plan to fund brokerage accounts for registered Democrat voters. The "debate" is centered on whether to fund the accounts with $5,000 or $10,000. :cool:
  9. I was joking -- there are quite a lot of people in China both in academia and politics that are sending warning signals. Of course the news is surpressed...
  10. leveraged inverse etf is probably the more diversified way to go.
    many shorts got carried out in petrochina not so long ago...
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