Shanghai at another record high

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  1. S2007S


    The minor below 4000 only meant one thing...

    A buying opportunity.

    4500 by early june,

    5000 by end of june

    6000 by mid summer

    8000 by end of summer.

    Index Value: 4,128.16
    Trade Time: 10:04PM ET
    Change: Up 55.94 (1.37%)
    Prev Close: 4,072.225
    Open: 4,091.143
    Day's Range: 4090.05 - 4128.98
    52wk Range: 1,512.52 - 4,081.43
  2. Don't worry, the RPT will take control of Shanghai as well.
  3. RPT = Renmin Protection Team? :p
  4. Rally Prevention Team:D :D
  5. petteri


    10000 September 2007

    12500 December 2007

    10000 February 2008

    8000 May 2008

    5000 May 2010

    4000 May 2012

    Be prepared for bumpy ride .........
  6. I say short the index and every major global index for that matter. Gonna be a rough fall. Don't get sucked into the MOMO.
  7. I'm getting in on this rally. Gonna buy everything that gets downgraded and slammed as it's just a dip buying opportunity. :D
  8. LOL!!!! This sounds like some of our board guys!!

    Hua Chao works for one such firm. He borrowed 150,000 yuan from a bank last week and quickly moved it into his brokerage account.

    "I only need to pay 9,000 yuan interest for the loan I got, but I think I can make at least 70,000 yuan a year by investing that money in stocks," Hua, an office worker, said.

    "So why not? I see almost no risk."
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    "So why not? I see almost no risk."
    Haha this guy is going to be rich!
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