Shanghai 4 mins into open

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  1. jasonjm


    Prev. Close 7790.82
    Open 7597.69
    Last 7832.57
    Change 41.75
    Change(%) 0.54
    High 7836.22
    Low 7597.69
    Volume(100) 4064363
    Amount(10,000) 275024.18
  2. jasonjm


    woops like their PPT ran out of money lol

    this may be a good time to use some of that $1 trillion FX reserves lol

    almost 15 mins in

    Prev. Close 7790.82
    Open 7597.69
    Last 7714.01
    Change 76.81
    Change(%) 0.99
    High 7854.03
    Low 7597.69
    Volume(100) 8706384
    Amount(10,000) 590245.64
  3. bluud


    wouldn't a minus sign make it more clear like - 76.81 -0.99%
  4. Is there any market on interactive brokers that can be used as a realtime proxy for the Shanghai/Chinese stock market?
  5. jasonjm


    that would mean i would have to put in more effort cut and paste

    ok here we go

    20 mins market down 2.5% yes



  6. jasonjm


    i swear this chinese web page is hilarious

    up bars are RED

    down bars are GREEN

  7. bluud


    that's so fucked up, it's fucking funny, they don't want to use their only color as a bad signal
  8. What do you expect from people who eat cats?
  9. Yeah, try HSI (Hong Kong), or CN which is the symbol for XINA 50, a Chinese index.
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