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  1. The ironic thread title says it all... "shameLOSS blog promotion"

    See you in the bids. :)
  2. opm8


    Well, your blog reads just like *every* other one about trading. "I'm gonna buy that, not interested in this other stock." I don't know why anyone would waste their time on it.

  3. well should i add some hot models showing charts to make it more interesting?
  4. Nice blog -- added to my favorites. Thanks for sharing, Mike.
  5. Check youtube stats. Anytime someone adds some cute chick showing cleavage to the thumbnail it gets about 10x hits.

    This is the way of the world. :D

  6. LOL!
  7. What's your objective in having a blog? Do you have a long term goal in mind?
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    How about you post your methodology? Then when you make calls you can cite the reasons. That way those who are interested in your trading style can follow along and potentially learn something.

  9. Host the blog on your own server and on your own domain. Google does delete blogs and you lose the brandability factor having go00gl3 host your blog.
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