Shame on Republicans on this forum - no tributes to Jack Kemp

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tmarket, May 8, 2009.

  1. Shame on the Republicans on this forum for a complete silence on the passing of Jack Kemp. I waited and waited and no one came forward. All I read about is some welfare family getting financial assistance for operating donated cars and made up stories about Obama's birth certificate. Apparently that is all you could mustered enough courage to talk about.

    Jack Kemp put a real face on the Republican party. One that is not bitter and belittling. Jack Kemp was a man who practiced family values and not just talked about it. Jack was fond of making friends from all social classes and races and background. He would be sorely missed in the Republican party, a party that never embraced him fully for his contributions and compassionate views.

    Heck, even Obama had a better tribute to Jack Kemp than any of you Republicans:

  2. No, some of us took note. Kemp was a great American and a supremely optimistic person. He would not have fared well in this age of Homeland Security and scalawag politicans.
  3. The sad truth is that Jack Kemp believed in civil rights and minority rights, something I would venture to say most Republicans no longer believe in. Jack Kemp sought support and made friends with those in the minority, something the Republicans can't seem to do. If you want to know what is wrong with the Republicans, just look towards their lack of respect to the legacy of Jack Kemp.