shall I make another live call, oh yes lord :)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by original, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. I won't enter order just yet

    but if you ask me..........(original starts stroking his non existent beard)

    if you ask it trying to stay up

    its trying, but its tired, its sssooo tired

    it wants to die, it wants to collapse


    the FED is a relentless nurse, force feeding the market

    it has no choice but to live


    UP tomorrow boys

    WE GO UP

    but have a stop ready ihhiiiihiihhihiihi
  2. Wood474



  3. yeahh I am sure its boring to you, ME I made 9 k

    take that kido :cool:
  4. sure you did, thats why your prediction so far was wrong. But I guess you can say anything you want on ET, whether or NOT its true :p

  5. He closed his position at the top of market, made 18k, and is already playing golf.

    Come on, this is ET, you should know these things by now.

  6. I do, but since this is ET I ALSO like to give him a hard time :D

  7. ElCubano


    good job....
  8. except el cubano

    I think you guys are just bunch of losers
    and I guess I am a loser for spending my time with you people
    fuk you all
    I am gone, and I haven't played golf in a long long time
    so maybe I'll go play
  9. what did you expect, you started a thread saying "We go up tomorrow" and right now we are down late in the day, and then you also say you made 9K.

    Come on Coldie, it was pretty silly of you to start this thread and then brag about profits you didnt make :)

  10. Don't take it to heart man. If you cashed in you cashed in, good job, if you didn't, chalk it up admit you were wrong and move on. It's that simple.

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