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  1. I have recently been having problems with being shaken out of good plays I was wondering if anyone has any methods to help them overcome this. I was following DE the last few every time it would approach the 70. level it would sell ofs so I was selling into the presure using the resistance as my out. on Friday there was a huge offer shown on the book at 70. it was taken in 1 print and I covered and flipped the position in long now just under the fig, only to have a quick and dirty shake come and have me exit the position flat, then watch it make its move without me, this also happened with x on thurs and fri. I dont know if it is b/c I got knocked around a bit last month or what but it seems my conviction has been slipping and it has been causing some hesitation. Does anyone have any tips on how they have overcome this. Or anyway I can reframe this to stay in a position that extra bit of time to let it work, seems like I have been getting caught up in the micro-moves too much.... thanks
  2. 1. No one knows exactly how you trade.

    2. If someone does give you tips, then it would change the whole diagram of your trading, affecting the winners...

    3. Keep it simple, if you trade discretion.