Shake up at MSNBC

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  1. Big Ed is getting the boot. Being replaced by Chris Hayes who is a male version of Maddow, or is Maddow a male version of Hayes? I'm so confused.

    Chris Hayes is moving to primetime, MSNBC announced Thursday.

    The host of "Up with Chris Hayes," who from certain angles looks like a Rachel Maddow doppelganger, will replace Ed Schultz, who is being shifted to weekend duty. Hayes will host MSNBC's 8 p.m. ET hour starting April 1.

    "Chris has done an amazing job creating a franchise on weekend morning," Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, said in a statement. "He's an extraordinary talent and has made a strong connection with our audience. This is an exciting time for MSNBC."

    The move comes as a surprise to the media's chattering class. Reports had indicated that Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein was in the lead to be Schultz's replacement.

    It also represents a change in style. Schultz's "The Ed Show" highlighted its host's brusque, populist demeanor, while Hayes' program has been praised for its wonky detours into thorny policy issues that are not as exhaustively explored during the primetime hour.

    "Up" has aired on weekend mornings since 2011.

    "I am thrilled to be joining Rachel and Lawrence [O'Donnell] in primetime," Hayes said in a statement. "I've absolutely loved hosting UP on the weekends and I'm looking forward to thinking through the news five nights a week."
  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Ed Schultz was way to alpha for a network like MSNBC, they needed a little bitch like chris hayes to properly convey how ashamed of themselves liberals are.
  3. Schultz is MSNBCs best,Hayes sucks.Whenever he fills in I turn MSNBC off :mad:

    MSNBC already pissed me off firing Olbermann,they dump ED I'm switching to CNN
  4. pspr


    Who cares what BSNBC does?

    None of their programming is worth watching.

    It's just a tingle here, a tingle there, everywhere a tingle.
  5. Ed was too damn funny because he really is the face of liberalism: angry and intolerant.

    His white guilt is so bad ,I bet all the mirrors in his home make his reflection look like a darkie.
  6. Wallet


    The first time I saw MSNBC flipping thru the channels I thought it was something like a SNL parody, nobody really believes this crap?.
  7. jem


    Net 8PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
    CNN Anderson Cooper 360 800
    MSNBC Ed Show 1,333
    HLN Nancy Grace 957

    I guess when Fox can crush your network... its time to try something different.

    which is why ccn and now MSNBC are going to the shakeup.

    What the left does not admit is that =60 percent of the voters are voting for freebies and could not give a shit about the reasons why and 30 percent are fake intellectuals who would not be caught dead watching cable.

    That leave them with a very small audience or most of the year. The exception being a month or two before a big election.
  8. Max E.

    Max E.

    I actually like watching oreilly, he is tilted right, but when he starts on a topic he says "this is the right wing argument, this is the left wing argument" And then he debates from that level.

    Im not into cheerleaders like hannity, or maddow, because its dull.

    you go to a decrepit shit hole like msnbc, and all they do is lecture you about how stupid anyone who didnt vote for obmama is.

  9. wjk


    Well, nobody except AK and his type.
  10. pspr


    But it's the same ol' BS only coming out of a different talking head.

    It doesn't do any good to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.
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