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  1. Nick11


    Are there any traders still out there?

    I was a trader several years ago and now have a new computer. Since the Machine ID is different, my Shadowtraders indicators won’t work with Ninjatraders anymore. Since Shadowtraders was sold to several years ago, the new company has not responded to me to help transfer the license to my new computer.

    Has anyone had this problem and is there a solution? Has anyone been able to contact the new company or have any contact with anyone from since the company was sold.

    I am posting this on several trading sites in hopes someone could help. I trade future currency markets.

    Thank you!
  2. Scott99


    Hi Nick,

    Any luck? I am in the same boat.

  3. Nick11


    Hey Scott,

    No I haven't unfortunately. The closest I have come is that I found one of the partners in company that developed Showdowtraders and SegretoQuants in LinkedIn, James Horne. I sent him a message as to if he could point me to someone who could help but he has not returned my request. If I ever get to Clearwater Florida, I'm going to look him up. I have tracked down every other lead I could find and no one returns my requests. The company who bought ShadowTraders appeared to sell to another company and now I can find neither on the web.

    I had to keep my old computer, which doesn't work perfectly, but is OK for now unless it gets worse, and was able to find one of my fellow traders who gave me their old trading computer with the Shjadowtraders software on it as a back up, that my IT guy is trying to get running.

    Sorry couldn't help more but this is the best I could do. Appreciate any help you could give.
  4. Scott99


    Hi Nick,

    I sent an email to Melanie. No reply

    I have the following 3 files on my old computer. If I loaded them on my new computer, would they work? How would you load them into Ninja Trader?

    (The file names will not paste)

    I suspect most indicators can be gotten elsewhere. Perhaps the fractals are tougher to find. Momentum is probably their proprietary formula too.

    That'a all I know for now.

  5. Nick11


    Hey Scott, the executable file that loads the Shadowtraders indicators for Ninjatrader to use is named Setup7.14(1). I executed this for my new computer and it does not work because ST had to authorize your computer to Ninjatrader in order for Ninjatrader to allow the indicators to load. This has been the key issue I have been pursuing all along. Nobody that can authorize my new computer will respond to me. The standard indicators that Ninjatrader has works for some of the ST indicators, but some are not the same because they have ben customized by ST, such as momentum. Some don't even exist like Fractals.

    If you come across anyone who can authorize my computer this please let me know. Thanks.

    Happy Thanksgiving!