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  1. Hello, has anyone at EliteTrader taken the course or seminars? If so, can you recommend them? Is their method profitable? Consistently profitable? Any thoughts or opinions about them? Thank you.
  2. I have some experience with shadowtraders. they are very conservative in their approach to trading. they believe in more contracts and fewer trades. their system works.

    you should sign up for a free webinar at their website:

    i think you would be surprised by how well they are doing. I heard they are about to have endorsements from Floor Traders at the CBOT and NYMEX
  3. I hear these guys are horrible, a total scam operation.
  4. jk, I have no clue who they are.

    But the point being, don't you guys think it's a bit dicey to be spreading the word on whatever it is you sell on a public forum with little or no control over what people write?
  5. particularly since someone else with deep pockets and an advertiser is already using the name.

    not too bright!

  6. ah, ha - so one is ShadowTrader(s).COM and the other is ShadowTrader(no "s").NET - that is really too close - wonder who came first? The second one to use the name should have picked something else. I was actually wondering about the and looked at their track record. They seem to go for very small scalps and few trades - need good-sized account for this type and better be right. Thanks.
  7. Neet


    Be very careful about those offering opinions with 1 or 2 posts behind their username.

    It's like a breakout on low volume, not very valid :)