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    Good Afternoon, Traders:

    We're starting a thread here to get the word out about our newsletter and other products. Check us out at

    We currently have a swing trading newsletter, called the <i>ShadowTraderPro Focus Report</i> and also a daily trading/financial broadcast in audio which is live on the thinkorswim platform.

    The newsletter is $20 per month and the audio is free to those who have the TOS platform installed and running.

    I also put out some videos (free) on weekends to anyone subscribed and will be posting them here into this thread as well.

    For a short while, we'll post the entire newsletter right into the thread as a freebie. We encourage any comments on any of the materials in the hope of starting some intelligent discussion.

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    Here is today's Focus Report

    We are still overall bullish here with looking for a move to retest the 1400 SPX area.

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  3. gobar


    nice call shadow trader..

    should have listen to u.

    didnt sold my puts and i am paying the price but i am up for the day though

    what do u think abt afternoon action?
  4. ShadowTrader_08

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    Thanks, qobar

    Sorry we couldn't answer your question faster but its nearly impossible to post anything during the trading day.

    Obviously we are still bullish and now if we can get a close up and over the 1400 SPX, then the way would be clearer for a move to 1440.

    Everything just looks like the move to that area is imminent. Just quick glances at stuff like C, IBM and CAT, OIH, and there's no way I would be bearish here on the broad market. That and the fact that financials are finally waking up (over 20% of the S&P is made up of them).

    We'll put a weekly chart of the S&P into tonites letter which we'll post here around midnight tonite....
  5. sumosam


    I am a subscriber and must say that I am happy with this service. I use it. I have gone thru ALOT of newsletters, and this is one of the very few that I find worthwhile.

    Like your comments on the market. Especially about market breath, which isn't so easy to see on a chart.

    Now that the financials are finally lighting up, I am glad to hear that you forsee 1440 on the S&P. Decreased oil prices are also a big plus.

  6. ShadowTrader_08

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    Cool, sumosam and welcome to the thread. Just as a heads up to any other subs reading this, we are looking for $91-92 as an exit on the CHL long as there is a backside of a trendline that was broken awhile back up there. Look to either be a seller on any prints up there or trail stops very tight.

    Today's focus report:
    -Right shoulder build-out of inverted H&S on SPX continues
    -Commentary on the GS debacle :( More on that later possibly in a weekly vid.
    -Calls on IBM and CAT and others.

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  7. Peter do you think it's possible that you will replace Brad in the future, i like you better, kind off miss your singing.
  8. rickf


    Although I am not a TOS client and receive similar (though not as slick) info in the morning, I do want to offer my compliments for producing a rather clean, easy-to-scan (and/or read!) product.

    It's easy for pros to scan and newbies to read/understand/learn from....something I think is one of the cornerstones of your TOS corporate philosophy.

    Perhaps I'll subscribe @ some point down the road, but for the moment, it would be redundant -- even though it looks great!

  9. ShadowTrader_08

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    Thomfergu - Anything is possible. For now I have to let him handle the reins so I can concentrate more on trading. I'll definitely be in for another guest spot sometime in 2008. My bid for American Idol failed miserably so for now the singing career is on the back burner ;)

    Rick - Thanks for the kind words, I am glad that the service is of use to you.


    Here is this week's video which is a short piece on how to use floor trader pivots in your trading...

    To view it, click here

    Past editions of the weekly videos are archived here
  10. paden


    I don't know if shadowtrader 08 is hermie, but I really really like Hermie. He helped me get things together as far as tech analysis, market info, trading strategies, and emotional control.

    I would recommend the focus report. I stopped using it because I found my abilities had increased such that I didn't need it any longer. Additionally, the time I had available to scan the markets increased, as I am trading full time now.

    They also started a new service for daytraders at I am not paid by them, I am just grateful they put me on the right track, and believe they are "good people."

    No, I don't use that either.
    #10     Apr 27, 2008