Shadow Statistics Predicts Hyperinflationary Depression As Early as 2010

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  1. I've seen some alarming things from ShadowStats, but nothing like this. It's from April 8th, and I must have missed it for whatever reason. But check out what they specifically state about the banking solvency crisis and how the Federal Reserve will react (I had just linked an article from Bloomberg regarding Paulson's comment about needing new regulations to allow for more orderly liquidation of financial institutions, and I don't think anyone here doesn't know that the Federal Reserve is prepping the ground for many bank failures - at least 1,000, according to Wilbur Ross).

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    "Hyperinflationary Depression." Which one is the adjective?
  3. 'Hyperinflationary.'
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    I don't think the fed is printing that much money.
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    Yeah, Ron Paul learned from self-help books.
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    according to shadow stats there was virtually no growth during the 90's during the internet and productivity boom(and millions of jobs created), it was all inflation. that guy is an moron
  8. Where does he say that? Quote?
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  10. Well there was some real growth. :p

    It was my impression that his recalcs simply cancel out the egregious alterations made to CPI and GDP by the past few administrations. The most alarming of these, owner equivalent rent, being the worst offender. So what I would have paid myself had I rented my own house to myself, add that "rent" to GDP. Meanwhile, whatever that "rent" increases by each year, add that rate to CPI; not the actual value increase of my house, don't count that rate. Only in America..
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