SGX Exchange operating hours

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  1. Could anybody tell me the hours of operation for this exchange.

    I understand there is a one hour break in the middle of the trading day? hard to believe..

    Thanks !!
  2. You are correct that SGX takes a one hour break - the hours can be found at their web site (access via interactivebrokers if u cant find it). FWIW the SGX NK opens at 9:45, closes at 12:15, opens at 1:15, and goes very quiet at 4:30 (Queensland, Aus, Time).

    The hang seng has a two hour lunch break.

    Some parts of the world are still civilized :)
  3. This is very common with Asian exchanges. Tokyo stock exchange has an hour and a half break.


  4. check da charts, innit[?]

    u can see a series of unch candles that signal da pause between first'n'seconf half of da session..look at da time on da chart bottom'n'u done.
  5. Thanks guys !

    Wasn't aware of these day brakes. And yes they seem like a more civilized strategy to deal with hunger...

    Do any of you know how much does IB charge for SGX data?
  6. if u are already with ib data is free; type sgxnk--futs--june--06'n'u ready to go.

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    In the case of strong trending days, US markets seem like a good leading indicator for the SGXNK. Though it doesn't look like there is a premarket. I do see a couple of blips at 7:30pm or so.
  9. In account management you may need to 'subscribe' to the free data ....
  10. never touched a thing meslef, if u have access to data for us futs, u have free access for singapore'n'osaka as well..u also get free data for mhi [mini hans seng] but not sure if u yankees can trade it tho
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