SGMO....cure for HIV/AIDS?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nleeson, Dec 19, 2005.

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  2. You started the thread so what's the evidence?
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    i'm watching the level two there are prints .20 cent above the lowest offer.

    something must be up
  5. Great Christmas present if it is a weapon (doesn't sound like a cure)?
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    Look jonny, may i call you jonny. What you are obviously missing is that I am trying to give the stock a shameless plug because I am long out my ass...........and then you come in saying

    "(doesn't sound like a cure)?"

    Who the $**&%&* are you?

  7. It's hard to say it's a cure and they don't even say that.

    It modifys existing T-Cells, but the stem line will still produce T-Cells without the disrupted gene, thereby requiring continuous (and profitable) treatment. Unless it enables the body to completely clear the virus,you can't call it a cure.

    But it sounds great, as it appears to have the potential to to allow the body to suppress the virus so that the individual is healthy and non-contagious.

    This approach might lend itself toother therapies against other viruses, which, like the HIV, need a portal of entry into a human cell.

    I wonder if this company can patent not just the new enzyme, but the whole works and sew up the general therapuetic approach.