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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I'm currently testing the different Forex Markets. I'm only trading 1K to 2K size lots, just to have some emotion behind price movement rather than strictly papertrading without any real money on the line. I've had a working market order for 1K worth of SGD/JPY. I put it on yesterday evening. My order has yet to to fill in the past 10 hours. Would liquidity for this market be better, if my lot size was at least the IB minimum of a 30K position in SGD/JPY. Is there a specific time frame I should be placing these orders in? Would a 5K or 10K go through normally? Any direction would be appreciated.
  2. Pretty sure idealpro market participants are not interested in such small size. I bet you would get easier fills using at least 10k multiple.
  3. liquid issues for sure. Yen pairs tend to move in a herdlike fashion, suggest trying something less exotic.
  4. I'm sure liquidity is a problem. What is the spread on SGD/JPY? Can't be cheap...

    Trade one of the majors, especially just starting out.