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    I currently have an interview for a money market trader and would like to know as much about the firm as possible. As I'm a recent MSc in financial mathematics graduate, I have little practical knowledge in trading and would appreciate further advice from seasoned traders or better still if anyone has worked for SG securities.
  2. i have not worked at SocGen Securities.
    however, i knew 2 guys when they were employed there - both left after some time, generally it seemed they were unsatisfied.
    you may pm me for further info.
  3. Societe Generale are a decent bank, they are middle plane in most things including fixed income trading, I doubt they would hire you straight into a money market trading position if you have no trading knowledge or experience you will probably start off as an assistant and move up if you are good you will move up quick, in this job market you should take it though although money markets are not a particularly hot area to be trading in especially as it will be market making. Which office is the job at?
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  5. My cousin is a "Manager of Equity Derivatives" at SG. Do you know how much he knew about options before he got the positions? Pretty much zilch. I remember looking at a textbook they gave him after he attended some training seminar - he had definitions of "put" and "call" written in the margins. :)
  6. You say he is a manager well obviously he didn't go in as a manager straight away so he has been there a while, 5/10/15 years ago people did get taken on not knowing much, lucky for them but that certainly is not the case nowadays with such a strong supply of gradutes who know whole textbooks on derivatives and trading and have immaculate cv's especially in such a tight labour market.
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    Do you apply for Paris, NY or London ?? Very different hiring environments... The question makes no sense if you dont specify.
    In Paris, you need a DESS in Finance with specialty in capital markets, or a diploma from a prestigious ESC.
    (something higher than your current diploma)
    And you wont start direct as a market maker (except on warrants).

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  10. is stan jonas still there?
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