sg cap trading llc in chicago

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  1. does anyone know anything about this firm?
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    No I don't, did you get asked to take the test? I might sit for it just to see what one is like. I have asked around nobody's seems to know who they are. Probably someplace wack.
  3. yes, i applied for the trader job and was asked to take the test. its not a prop firm, as much as a blackbox trading firm. are you taking their test/do you know anything about it?

    ive been trading for blackbox firms for 12 yrs, so im not too worried.
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    If you dont mind, can you tell me what trading for a blackbox firm entails? Are you monitoring a system all day, and executing when you get signals? Or are you more doing programming stuff?
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    did anyone take the test, is the firm worth looking into? pay?
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    hi, i know this is a very old thread but when I got an invite to take their test, this is the only search result i found. so the test is made up of 45 questions. statistical, math and logical problems. you have 15 minutes to answer them all. basically you must be quick and accurate. sample questions would be like "which of these numbers do not belong?" or "mars is to planet as elbow is to....? (or something like that, I dont remember well)" or " tom is # years old and is 3 times older than his sister, how old will his sister be in # of years?" or " make up a 6 letter word out of these 4 letters" or "which number comes after/before the line of numbers". most of the questions have 4-5 answers. only a few questions you have to think of yourself and write in.

    dont forget - 20 seconds per question!

    Thats all. Hope this will be helpful to someone.
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    Did you get an offer from them after the test and did it seem like a legit company?
  8. Did anyone hear back yet after the test?
  9. Can anyone provide any details on the test? Was it the wonderlic?
  10. small under the radar firm in Chicago
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